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Top 5 Common Reasons For Car Towing

It’s actually common that cars break down. This is not being overly negative or pessimistic, but it can happen for several reasons. Some may have nothing to do with recklessness or negligence on your part. Perhaps you keep your vehicle well serviced and treat it well then out of the blues when you least expect […]

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Where Is Your Car Towed To?

You are meeting a friend in a popular restaurant situated downtown Toronto. You drive around and feel it’s your lucky day to get a parking spot near your meeting destination. You pay the required parking fee and off you go to your meeting. Unfortunately when you come back to get your vehicle, it is nowhere […]

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How Is A Heavy Truck Towed?

You are driving comfortably along the highway peacefully when your truck starts acting up and slows to a halt. You try starting the engine but it is not responding. The truck needs to be parked on the side of the road as traffic is slowly building up. You try starting the engine again, and you […]

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