How Is A Heavy Truck Towed?

You are driving comfortably along the highway peacefully when your truck starts acting up and slows to a halt. You try starting the engine but it is not responding. The truck needs to be parked on the side of the road as traffic is slowly building up. You try starting the engine again, and you are in the luck, it gets started. Unfortunately, it gives you only time to park by the road side, when it suddenly stops again. What could be the problem, you ask yourself. This is certainly not a great way to start a Friday morning.

What’s your solution?

While experiencing a mechanical problem on a busy highway is not something you would ever wish for yourself, not even for your worst enemy, it can still happen when least expected. After all, your truck is just like any other machine, and hence is apt to get mechanical issues once in a while. However, the incidence doesn’t have to ruin your whole day or even your whole weekend. Contacting the right towing services in Toronto can make all the differences in scenarios like this.

There are several solutions that can be opted for when it comes to stalled trucks. Depending on the severity of your conditions, the towing firm might be able to make a quick fix on the spot, without even needing to tow the truck. For instance, probably your truck requires being jump started with cables. Or it is just a flat tire that they can assist to change.

Heavy truck towing process


Where the issues are more than what the towing technicians could handle, the truck needs to be towed where it can be professionally fixed. If your stalled truck cannot be started, it will be either towed back to the tow shop if they are conversant with your truck repair problems or to the nearest mechanic shop. A skilled towing technician can be able to get your truck hooked up and ready to be towed in less than one minute. To accomplish this, the right tools need to be used. Wheel and tire lifts are utilized along with brackets that are used to wrap around the front driving wheels. The towing vehicle utilizes hydraulics, which uses cylinders and fluids to supply the force to lift your truck.

Vehicle towing service providers are responsible for retrieving all types of stalled vehicles along the highways, roads or even remote areas around the country. Whether stalled in the snow or in the mud, a professional towing service provider can be able to get to his or her clients quickly and get them out of any kind of mess they happen to be in.

Preventative and repair services offered by some local towing services

Some heavy towing services around Toronto have the capacity to not only tow stalled vehicles, but also to diagnose and repair specific issues once they are towed at their shop. Some of the basic preventative and repair services offered by these towing companies include:

• Repairing faulty brakes

• Replacing tires

• Fuel filters replacements

• Wheel alignments

• Air filter replacements

• Oil changes

By taking care of preventative services such as replacing brake pads, tires, oil changes, and the likes, your towing service provider is helping save money, effort, time and anguish of having to ever get your truck towed. So you might as well ask your towing technician to take a look at the rest of your truck or vehicle as well to see where other maintenance might be required. After all, being proactive where your truck maintenance is concerned is always advisable than just being active as it can help to avoid stressful times stranded on the side of a busy highway, or on any other road surface for that matter.