Top 5 Common Reasons For Car Towing

It’s actually common that cars break down. This is not being overly negative or pessimistic, but it can happen for several reasons. Some may have nothing to do with recklessness or negligence on your part. Perhaps you keep your vehicle well serviced and treat it well then out of the blues when you least expect it, the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It then hits you that you need roadside assistance. It is therefore good to be prepared for such adversities. One smart way to get prepared is to first know the most common reasons why cars break down in the first place.

Keys are locked inside

Even the most diligent car owner can make a mistake and forget keys inside the car. This can of course, be embarrassing and annoying. Your best bet is such a situation would be to find a reliable towing solution. You may not end up with a towed car though because most towing companies also offer lockout services.


Older vehicles experience this problem a lot. It is mostly because of tubing problems and several wear and tear factors. Newer vehicles also experience overheating problems although not as often as the aforementioned older vehicles. For newer vehicles, overheating occurs when one forgets to refill oil or put a new coolant when one is supposed to. The end result is a car breaking down in the middle of a road trip. You certainly will have to keep in touch with a towing company. To avoid such inconveniences, take your car for servicing as often as possible especially during summer when overheating issues are common.

Tire trouble

Flat tires and blowouts – they can happen to anyone. They happen when tires are old, when one runs over a sharp object or when alignment is faulty. It is easy to assume you will never have to request for towing services because of a flat tire or a blowout. But what do you do when the spare also gets a puncture or blows out? The solution here is to take preventive measures into account. Start by changing tires every time they wear out. Rotate them too every season so as to decrease chances of a blowout. Then always have at least two spare tires especially if you plan to go for a long road trip.

Dead battery

The battery could be old, dirty or substandard. It could also be that the connections are off or maybe you accidentally left the car running for hours. Whatever the reason, a dysfunctional battery will force you to seek towing services. There is sometimes nothing you can do. You may have tried to jump start the car or any other trick up your sleeve but the car still refuses to start. This does not mean though that you should never carry your starter cables with you. Keep them in the trunk with spare tires. You never know when they will come in handy.

Starter motor issues

Car starter issues are pretty much like punctures. You can experience them even with a well serviced car. Unfortunately with starter motor glitches, there is little you can do to fix the problem. Your best bet is to have a reliable towing service on your speed dial and ask for assistance.

You cannot foretell towing needs so it pays to be prepared!

Most towing and road assistance service providers offer their services 24/7. This is certainly a good thing. But it sometimes mean paying more for the same services if and when one needs help at night over the weekend. However, as mentioned, we cannot foresee a towing incident and therefore, it’s always in your advantage to stay prepared in case an unexpected incident crops up.