Where Is Your Car Towed To?

You are meeting a friend in a popular restaurant situated downtown Toronto. You drive around and feel it’s your lucky day to get a parking spot near your meeting destination. You pay the required parking fee and off you go to your meeting. Unfortunately when you come back to get your vehicle, it is nowhere to be found. The problem is that you had not anticipated how long you would be out there with your friend. The good food, conversation and wine simply made you forget all about the car. And before you realize it, the parking meter had run out several hours ago.

Why pay for parking?

Car Parking

One thing you should not be so sure of is the parking attendee writing you a ticket once the parking meter runs out. In Toronto, just like in many other cities around Canada, parking is very limited considering the dense population. Paying for parking in these cities maintains their health and makes certain that each person gets an equal chance at a parking spot. If everyone were to leave their vehicles parked in a restaurant parking lot overnight, then there wouldn’t be space newer, incoming visitors. This being the case, the next time you get a little anxious about getting a parking ticket or having to pay for parking, simply remember that you are being unselfish and an honorable citizen.

Have you over-extended your parking hours?

If for one reason or another you overextend your allowed parking duration, the parking attendees are forced to call any of the reputable towing companies in Toronto to have your car towed to another parking lot, or even impounded. To get you car back, you will have to pay the consequent towing charges plus other applicable relevant fees.

When you go to your parking spot only to find that your vehicle is no longer there, the first step is to call the local police department. Make certain to identify that this is not an emergency, but simply a call to help locate where your car was towed to. They should be able to give you the whereabouts on which towing company was called, and where your car might be. In some instance, once you have talked to the towing company, you will discover your car was moved to another parking spot in Toronto. Perhaps it was moved there since the spot doesn’t require payment. In this case, you will only require paying the towing fee to get back your vehicle.

Is your vehicle impounded?

Having your vehicle impounded is quite inconveniencing, in fact, it is a perfect way to ruin your day. However, it still needs to be dealt with. In Toronto, to have your car impounded means you had committed more traffic offenses than a simple parking violation. These include having multiple traffic fines left unpaid, driving violations, being suspected of serious crime, and much more. It is much more serious and hence attracts higher charges to have the car released back to you.

Similar to when you get pulled over by the police, you will be asked to show some identification papers, for instance your driver’s license, registration papers, proof of insurance and much more, to get back your car.

While the process is daunting, and requires dealing with legal and extra expense issues, it is important to act as quickly as possible in these situations. Note that if you allow your car to remain in the impound lot, you risk losing it since all cars that have stayed here for specific length of time are auctioned. This is normally done to keep the lots open and available for other vehicles that need to be towed in. Since impound lots around the city in most cases have long lines of stressed car owners, it pays to be patient with the lot attendees and other people helping you to get back your car.